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Clinical research and technology.

Clinical research and technology.

  • Technology is having a huge impact basically on everything. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that technology also has a big impact on scientific research as well. A clinical trial is one of the major sectors in medical research that technology has had a huge impact on.

Clinical research serves several purposes as a discipline. Clinical research software helps gather critical information on the drugs that are analyzed, and also assists in the treatment of patients.

In addition, technology has really helped researchers’ jobs to be easier and more streamlined and also saving the previous time of all parties involved. It has increased patient participation in the clinical world and get them involved in the research process.

Surgeon and physician are not the only sector limited to medicine but have also spread to another sector. And provide employment opportunities. Clinical Research is one of the progressive fields within this discipline in terms of technology. Clinical research is most sought after domain, as well as lucrative career-building opportunity, all across the globe due to the widespread uses of technology

Clinical research serves several purposes as a discipline. Clinical research software helps gather critical information on the drugs that are analyzed, and also assists in the treatment of patients. It helps store and gathers data and statistics on the easiest way of diagnosis. This clinical research is been carried in phase which combines an inquisitive mind as well as the faculties of science. Clinical research is not only subjected to studying inorganic chemicals in sterile test labs but also interacting with more humane elements such as establishing patients’ responses to the treatment, With the presence of technology it offers a rewarding and satisfying career.

With the above data and analysis, clinical research offers deep insight into the modus operandi of diseases. The results obtained from a single clinical trial serve multiple purposes. The introduction of software solution and tools has helped in statistical computing which simplified the life of biostatisticians, as they can research on a wide range of techniques to gather statistics or come to conclusions, which were impossible earlier. However, to learn the enhancements of this technology one requires the guidance of an expert, someone who gained knowledge and is familiar through hands-on implementation.

However, the presence of this technology is not limited to equipment, but also which is making this industry strive, making research to be carried out quickly without consuming previously time.  This software is capable of handling clinical trials such as reporting, planning, storage of participant contact data and tracking deadlines and milestones.


  1. IBM Clinical Development

IBM Clinical Development is one of the most versatile software because of its comprehensive CTMS functionalities. IBM Clinical Development offers a cloud-based electronic data capture tool which is capable of providing a 360-degree view of critical trial data, the platform improves the research workflow. It provides you with trial supply management tools, patient engagement modules, and randomization to help you carry out various clinical studies as smoothly as possible. It streamlines your workflow.

  • Edge CTMS

Edge CTMS is one of the cloud-based application which is created by Medidata to modernize all aspects of research management right from budgeting to evaluation. This application is Ideal for businesses of all sizes, it controls the development methodology to maintain a steady pace in your clinical research even in uneven circumstances. Edge CTMS help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your processes easily and provide modifications to your workflow without disrupting the operations. It also integrates with Rave EDC for monitory real-time status of your research progress. Edge CTMS has an open architecture which helps other business in exchanging data as fast as possible.

  • EXPeRT eClinical

EXPeRT eClinical is a clinical trial management platform which is commonly used in organizations that want to enhance their trial processes. The software speeds up time-to-market the use of real-time analytics, risk management, trial management, and business intelligence. It offers visibility in all aspects of clinical trials by integrating the operational and relevant clinical data.

  • OpenClinica

OpenClinica is a clinical research application software which offers an open-source clinical data management and electronic data capture system. OpenClinica comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows design studies, perform real-time edit checks, and it also manages supplies at a granular level. OpenClinica platform meets 21 CFR Part 11 and GCP regulations with audit support and validation document. 

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