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Clinical research enrollment solutions.

Despite a global outreach of clinical trials, clinical research organizations (CROs) are facing challenges in maintaining organized systems to aid in patient recruitment and enrollment.

Patient recruitment is the most important aspect for successful clinical trials yet it continues to remain low at all time. A recent article published on Forbes reported that only 8 percent of patients suffering from cancer are enrolled for clinical research. Around 80% of clinical researches are unsuccessful as they are unable to meet the enrollment goals. It is a huge disadvantage as almost a quarter of the clinical research budget is spent on patient recruitment.  

Recent developments have proven that technological solutions are promising. Clinicians are busy and lack time for patient recruitment. Software solutions are the best alternatives to make the previously time-consuming roles in clinical research much easier and quicker.

Clinical trial management software solutions can enable clinical researchers and sponsors to find new human subjects and store their information in a centralized location.

Clinical trial software solutions help in patient recruitment by;-

  • Storing patient information in a database allowing organizations to create potential call lists
  • Text messaging for easier communication on appointments between researchers and participants
  • Website and social media recruitment integrations that enable organizations as well as patients to find target trials

Besides, social media marketing tools, for instance, targeted Facebook ads promoted by software solutions such as StydyProtocol and Studykik help CROs to use site’s demographic information to locate ideal candidates for recruitment.

The following are examples of how software solutions can further help clinical researchers and sponsors to boost the number of patients recruited and retained in clinical trials.

1.    Avoiding Poor Patient Recruitment by Sharing Patient Data to Relevant Sites

One of the biggest challenges to successful and timely patient recruitment is the inability to locate patients that match the predefined standards and criteria.  However, thanks to software solutions such as Studykik and StudyProtocol sponsors can identify patients and names of volunteers that match specific criteria. Using the patient data stored in the software, sponsors can schedule similar clinical research where the patients can be recruited later on.

The key information can also be organized and compiled to be shared to other clinicians across various hospital databases saving resources of similar processes that are normally carried out from scratch.

Software solutions also enable researchers and sponsors to access operational data to allow them to make informed decisions to improve patient experience in future patient recruitment exercises.

2.    Increased Patient Engagement

Lack of information from the internet can affect patient engagement.  Some websites and forums do not offer enough explanations on the risks and benefits of the clinical studies. Software solutions such as Studykik solve the problem of public awareness by sharing information about specific clinical trials on social platforms such as Facebook.  Clinical researchers and sponsors can hence utilize the technologies to scale up the interest of potential volunteers and increase patient recruitment.  Besides, utilizing platforms such as StudyProtocol help patients to get quality results that can match them with relevant clinical trials.

3.    Target Recruitment Using Patient-Centric Data

Clinical Research Recruitment

Real-time access to adequate patient data increases the probability of success in the patient recruitment exercise.  With technological solutions, experts reduce the possibilities of delayed trials by relying on the structured data to predict recruitment rates, identify subjects that meet the predefined criteria and monitor the progress.

 For instance, clinical trial management software and websites like StudyProtocol and Studykik allow a patient to find clinical research trials around their location. Sponsors can also get the contact information of eligible participants added to their emails for easier communication.

4.    Social Media Promotion and Sharing of Valuable Insights

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Technological advancements present better means for clinical researchers to target people requiring life-saving medications. Placing ads on Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages can help to target a wider pool of interested individuals.  The practice can not only help in increased patient recruitment but also finding of participants from minority groups.  Therefore, embracing technological solutions will change the way people are recruited for clinical trials and further erode patient recruitment obstacles.

Furthermore, software solutions can be used as knowledge empowering tools. They create appropriate funnels to both inform and attract research participants.  They further allow the development of strategies that help clinical trials to enroll and retain more patients. Software solutions help to connect and build patient communities on social media.  Knowledge about clinical trials is shared to the patients by offering relevant education.  Patients who become members of the community groups are notified about any upcoming trials. When patients sign up for the studies, sponsors and clinical researchers can contact the patients using their personal contact information.

Implementing software solutions for your clinical research is a huge win.  Sponsors and researchers can utilize the apps to connect with patients and vice versa to ultimately improve patient recruitment. It is a means for CROs to transcend the common bottlenecks of clinical trials such as low rates of patient recruitment. Utilizing software solutions not only aid in patient recruitment but also enhance outreach efficacy, patient retention and save on costs spent in the recruitment process.


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