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Technological advancements in clinical research

Technology is beginning to play a major role in medical research. Technological advancements in medical research have made the process of recruiting patients more efficient, which has lead to successful clinical trials. 

Traditional patient recruiting practices

The recruiting process is expensive and often does not succeed in acquiring enough eligible patients. Failing to meet enrollment goals wastes the money designated for reaching those goals because, if there is not enough patients, the trial must be canceled. Moreover, a canceled trial means progress in medical research is hindered. Opportunely, technological advancements in the medical research field are presenting new and innovative solutions.

The traditional practice of manually searching data to find patient matches for specific trials is a source of waste. Medical research centers are simply not equipped with the needed technological advancements to streamline this process; because of this, many medical centers burden their employees with the overwhelming task of manually searching for promising leads. Fortunately, technology experts have created tools to help save time, money and the effort of medical staff.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) improves the recruiting process. This advanced technology creates a more efficient system that enables researchers to carry out their work.

Accelerated patient screening

AI can manage large amounts of data (structured and unstructured) with speed and efficiency that is beyond human ability.  With data analyzing capabilities, AI decreases the amount of time spent searching for eligible participants.

This is possible because AI is able to learn and understand the inclusion criteria for of a specific trial.  Furthermore, after analyzing the data, the software can produce a list of trials that a particular patient would be able to join as well as a list of trials the patient is ineligible for.

More precise targeting 

The use of software makes it easier to target eligible patients who meet a specific clinical trial’s criteria. Additionally, this precision results in higher conversion rates, and more often achieving enrollment goals. Technological tools can be used to help patients find clinical trials they are eligible to participate in. Overall, this helps researchers save time and reach more patients.

Easier for healthcare professionals

Technological advancements in the medical field are allowing medical professionals to step away from the paperwork, and reenter the world of medicine and of patient care. Medical staff may feel overwhelmed with paperwork, and this left them with little emotional resources to dedicate to their patients. Additionally, the

Efficiently logs pre-screening activity

Logging pre-screening activity is an important aspect of recruiting patients.  Special recruiting software makes this task more effective and efficient.

As the pre-screening activities are being recorded, the software uses this information to further refine the target audience. In addition, patients are automatically added to the system as they enter the workflow so that they can be followed up with.

Technological advancements and the benefits they propose

Technological advancements in clinical research have greatly improved the ease of finding willing and eligible patients to take part in clinical trials.  This increases the chances of successfully completing a clinical trial. Successful clinical trials benefit doctors and patients alike. Doctors can unburden themselves by allowing AI software to do their work; while patients can benefit from new and promising medication, created by doctors who have their best interest in mind.

Nowadays, we are closer than ever to eradicating diseases that have plagued humans for centuries. However, none of this is possible without technological advancements in medical research. The medical research field needs to allow technology experts to step into their field and introduce in it the many benefits.

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